Hahahah here’s me going all country

Somebody Like You by Keith Urban has been a song I’ve liked for years so I thought why not..

And here’s a cover of Ho Hey by the Lumineers

The sound goes funny cause I think I moved away from the ipad too much at some points but oh well

Yeah… Here’s Creep by Radiohead

Hope it’s not too shit idk

Don’t do a cover for months then I do one two days in a row

Anyway I was avoiding spider hunting and did a cover of Use Somebody by Kings of Leon… Not played that a song in years and forgot how much I liked covering it :)

I realised after that the mic on my iPad was next to my watch that ticks super loud so that’s what’s in the background sorry hahaha

yeah, haven’t done a cover in ages

so here’s one

Won’t Go Home Without You by Maroon 5

not great but meh I was bored

Title: Shine A Light - 29:10:2013 14.55
Artist: Amy Collier
Played: 30 times

got bored in my blanket fort

so here’s a cover of Birthday in Los Angeles by The Maine

Wed, Jul 31 , 15 notes
my cover;

Recorded this cause Jo suggested it

Sewn by The Feeling

Not heard that song in ages :D

umm… Just did a cover of Free Fallin’

I was still dressed as a zebra so I realise now it would have been far more amusing as a video but oh well

Got bored and did a cover of Always by Panic! at the Disco

Just did a video cause I can’t be bothered with Garageband today since it’s been messing up recently

It’s not great but anyways

Tue, Jul 2 , 10 notes
my cover;

Here’s a cover of My Hero by Foo Fighters

As usual, hope you like it or something..

Yeah, did a cover of Light Up The Sky by Yellowcard

So… yeah… check it out maybe or something?

Anon just asked for a Just Drive cover but I’ve already done one last year so here it is :)

Right, here’s my cover of Always, No.1 by Alistair Griffin

Hope you like it or something….

Here’s the second cover.

Sophomore by Darren Criss