if kimi ever races in formula e we should be really worried cause the car change would definitely result in him falling out of the car or over his own feet

The man is far too clumsy

One of these is not like the others

let’s just take a moment to appreciate this photo because it’s been too long since i’ve laughed at it

let’s look back to the 2001 Austrian Grand Prix

21 year old Kimi in his Sauber got his first top 5 finish

he finished P4 in only his 6th race as an F1 driver

only his 29th car race

Sebastian and Kimi - Bahrain 2012

Kimi’s selfie game is hella strong

Good thing it’s Seb cause I don’t think his co-driver’s the greatest

Kimi quad biking in the McLaren days

Kimi during his Top Gun audition

I like to bring this one back every now and again

Mexico 2010

I think this was at the Red Bull Ring in 2011

I think

I’d like to think he slipped shortly after this photo was taken

never forget the chair of champions

Spa 2004

Look at the happy