Look at them hahahahahaha

also Dario was sponsored by Tunnocks that’s the greatest

2006 Italian Grand Prix

2001 Austrian Grand Prix - A1-Ring

David Coulthard and Kimi Raikkonen

mate where are the DC birthday posts


You are Scotland’s own superman

Wings For Life is the best event of the year solely for this

DC and Dan in the paddock today

"You usually have white jeans on and they’re really disgusting"

—EJ to DC

Stars & Cars 2002

Damon and David after the 1995 British Grand Prix

ok, is there something about Scottish drivers and maracas?

Anyone else think there could be a figure skater career in him yet?


I don’t like it that I find it weird seeing DC in Red Bull teamwear now…

2006 Italian Grand Prix

Scottish road safety campaign

Kimi Raikkonen leads teammate David Coulthard at the 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix


And “pure dead brilliant” was the head teacher of my primary school’s favourite phrase….