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Watching Brooklyn Nine Nine again before season two 👍😁👮

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West Side Story Revisited: images by Mark Seliger; featuring Camilla Belle as Maria, Ben Barnes as Tony, Chris Evans as Riff, Jennifer Lopez as Anita, and Rodrigo Santoro as Bernardo. Others include Robert Pattinson, Ashley Tisdale, Jay Hernandez, Brittany Snow, Brandon T Jackson, Minka Kelly, and Drake Bell



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#he looks like a puppy whos owners are just about to leave him to go to work

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I made some fan art incase Mulaney gets syndicated on disney channel

thank god there’s F1 this weekend to distract from all the shite here

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Eddie to Kevin:  "You’re so classy when you walk out, you’re like a superstar." (x)

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opens in cinemas 23.08.2014




the future is here and it’s horrible

#embarrassing baby photos of the future robotic rulers of the planet

Tony Stark’s Home Videos: The M.I.T. Years Vol.1

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So ridiculously glad I’m not in Glasgow right now

And that’s the first time I’ve thought that since I moved

I’ve never not wanted to be in Glasgow

It looks terrifying right now

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